MSE and Sound Barrier Walls

Mechanically Stabilized Earth Walls are used as retaining walls for interstate construction projects across Indiana and the United States. We are a certified pre-cast producer of MSE Walls in Indiana, Illinois, Ohio, Tennessee, Kentucky, Texas, and Wisconsin with additional state certifications on going.

MSE Walls were used on the I-90 and I-65 projects as well as multiple other projects across the region.

Sanders Sound Barrier Walls

Sound Barrier Wall

About Sound Barrier Walls

Sanders Sound Barrier walls can be both absorbtive and reflective. The absorbtive walls allow sound to penetrate and be greatly diminished and is often used around housing subdivisions along interstates to eliminate traffic sounds. The reflective walls block sound by reflecting the sound back toward the road or in the air, allowing for reduction of sound in the surrounding area.

Sanders pre-cast system’s offers an eco-friendly patented sound barrier walls system as one of their products. Their sound barrier wall system uses recycled products mixed with a water and cement slurry to create the eco-friendly sound barrier panel. The panels can be seen currently in Indiana on I-465 in the east bound lane west of Keystone avenue for a trial run. They have exceeded expectations and more should be coming soon.

For more information, just email Fred Hopkins or call at 317-769-5503.

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