Reasons to use Sanders three-sided bridge structures

When it comes to replacing or building a new bridge, Sanders three sided bridge structures are a cost effective and competitive alternate. Sanders three sided bridge structures are formed and poured inside our climate controlled pre-cast facility. When you use a Sanders structure you recieve in house engineering, a quality product, efficient delivery, and a Sanders representative on site until the last unit is delivered. Our efficient and effective system allows for a smooth installation and helps reduce overall cost.

Sanders structures are also environmentally friendly. The ease of the quick installation by the contractor reduces the impact it has on surrounding wildlife. Using pre-cast products allows for less waste on site and minimizes a negative effect on the area.

Reasons to use Sanders three sided bridge structures

  • NPCA approved facility
  • Quality meets or exceeds NPCA standards
  • D.O.T. approved system
  • Cast inside a temperature controlled facility
  • Minimum negative effect on the environment
  • Wingwalls, headwalls, and MSE walls available from our facility
  • Representative on site until delivery is complete
  • In house engineers for design of product
  • 16 years or precast experience

Uses for three sided structures

  • Walk way tunnels
  • Bridge replacement
  • Vehicle underpasses
  • Water way Crossing

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Sanders Companies